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To find out in colourful details more about Kininso's Works,Projects Plans, Space, Achievements over the years and Activities,Click this link. Do make sure to contact us . We are just a phone call/email away.


Hello Friends, We understand that these are very different times from what we are used to and everyone is trying to get through it, the best way they can. We are definitely in this together. As artists how do we keep our minds together and help out in our own little way? That is why throughout this period, on weekly basis, we will share stories and articles with you. So look out for these messages from us as we become an awesome companion to you. Here is a beautiful article written by our CEO.


The Director's Round Table

The director's round table is a kininsoKoncepts initiative that seeks to train fifteen young female directors for theatre. This initiative was deemed necessary due to the zero existence of young female directors in Nigeria especially as it concerns theatre. The workshop will train and mentor fifteen young ladies between the ages of 20 to 35 for two weeks in the art of directing for theatre. These aspiring directors will be carefully selected after due screening of their applications, vision and committment statements.


MOREMI THE MUSICAL RELODED is a musical stage play that lauds a Yoruba Land Heroine “Moremi Ajasoro” who made a priceless sacrifice for the Ancestral home of the Yoruba land; Ile-Ife. Moremi Ajasoro, born to a powerful hunter in Lukugba Ile-Ife was a queen who offered herself to be captured by the Ugbo tribe who were always raiding Ile-Ife. Confident of her wit and beauty, she made a supreme sacrifice of offering herself to be captured by the raiders, after which their King married her, paving way for her to secure intelligence related to the enemies’ battle strategy which was eventually used by the people of Ile-Ife to liberate themselves from the raiders. Hence, ‘Moremi the Music: Reloaded’ is a theatrical visualization and musical orchestration delivered on stage celebrating the legacy of the Yoruba Land heroine. The reloaded edition displays the richness of culture and excellent musical orchestration complemented with acting in a more soothing and sophisticated way.

Fliers and Synopsis of Our Shows

sample image 1TALK 'N' DO is a musical theatre socio-political piece that deals with the role of citizens in the bid to strengthen anticorruption laws in the country.
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sample image 1An Adaptation of Wole Soyinka Trails of Brother Jero, Femi Osofisan's No More the Wasted Breed and Bode Sowande's Mamiwaters Wedding.From time immemorial,gods decide the fate of man and the path to his victory or downfall,
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sample image 1Portray a people with a particular characteristic and that is the perception that lingers on in the minds of other people about them. Stories are defined by how they are told, where they are told, and who tells them.
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sample image 1Jogbo centers around the mother of the Afro-beat Legend (Fela Anikulapo Kuti). Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti (1900–1978), a leading activist during Nigerian women’s anti-colonial struggles.
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sample image 1JOIN-BODI is a piece about reuniting Nigerian communities and reigniting solidarity after the 2019 elections, shunning discord,curbing hatred, and hate speeches birthed through the influence of politicians and parties
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sample image 1Just Justice drama. A Justice for All, Department for international Development programme (about the inequality, domestic violence and corrupton in nigeria).
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sample image 1Omo Odo sojourns from his ancient home to a land of supposed freedom, luxury, and beauty. Bided an uncertain farewell by his aged mother, whether she is happy or not, he must go through lifes fire to become a man.
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sample image 1A Poetry Physical-theatre and dance performance chronicling man's different belief about Negativity and positivity of Life, through his perception.
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sample image 1 Tori-Tori meaning ‘Story-Story’ would take us on this journey as stated above, not about the inception of the commonwealth but the small and bigger achievements it has attained in years.
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JOIN-BODI is a piece about reuniting Nigerian communities and reigniting solidarity after the 2019 elections, shunning discord,curbing hatred, and hate speeches birthed through the influence of politicians and parties.The piece hopes to resolve issues of relationship and living together as one even after the elections and not allowing politics and thuggery destroy our communal life as a people reminding all that "Politicians still wine and dine behind closed doors." One the other hand, we strongly address the issue of accountability of office holders, citizen demanding accountability and monitoring the progress of their representatives, digging deep to know if their voices and concerns are made priority. Through research,imaginative thinking, interviews, these performance stories we believe would be change oriented, further help to develop our local communities and arouse the people into action. As a theatre for awareness/sensitization piece, its unique hotspot is to help breakdown our challenges as a people, find means to solve them creatively, putting it in the faces and ears of our grassroots audience. Please join us as we journey through this research and support us in anyway. Our wish is to perform this piece in every part of Nigeria even the smallest community within. Support us in ANYWAY, EVERY WAY possible.


About us

Storytelling has not just been our thing as Africans.

Its what has kept the world beautiful in the midst of chaos.
For us, storytelling, theatre,arts, and contemporary sociocultural
awareness is our daily food that we feed to you our awesome audience as we sail each other through a journey of a thousand histories and cultures rooted from caves to cities.